Sunday, April 10, 2011

Manila's collection

Malls seem overrated when you discover a place such as The Collective. What I love most about it is its discreet location, along one of the side streets of Makati. It's housed in a rundown building but once you step inside you'll be swallowed in all things hip and indie.

First thing you'll see is Wingman, a small resto serving the most amazing buffalo wings in all kinds of flavors. Yum.

Blue lemonade in a San Mig beer mug

Further inside are unique, quirky shops

Check out this tattoo shop and the murals

Must come back when the shops are open!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My other shoe collection (part 2)

Unlike in my earlier post, these babies won't fit Barbie. In fact they're not for any doll. They're shoe erasers!

Despite not for use by tiny plastic feet, these were done with comfort in mind. Look at the platforms of these colorful pumps!

These boots are made for correcting mistakes. Lol!

Miniature shoe collection may be growing as fast as my real pairs!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Golden discovery

I couldn't resist. Had a trigger-happy-online-ordering moment as soon as I learned about this local shoe designer.

Ordered 2 pairs and a bag.

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I am an IT girl!

There are three things I would like to be known for:
1) my shoe obsession
2) my supermom role
3) my career

So the feature on me and four other women in this month's Sense & Style is pretty exciting!

I was asked to bring a cocktail dress and some nude shoes as backup but was told they would provide for everything including hair and makeup.

I loved my makeup! The hair, not so sure. The dress, totally not me but I was the last one to be shot and that was the only piece left. Couldn't wear my favorite grey lace dress anymore as they had to consider the color combination for the group shot.

It was indeed a very welcome break from all the brain-shattering day at work. Being expected to sit, be pretty and not think doesn't really happen a lot!

It was great to meet other ladies who share the same passion and challenges any working woman has. Very interesting too how similar technology companies can be quite different in how they do things.

Some points on the article wasn't as what I answered them but overall it was a good one!

Realized my passion for my family as well as for my work are so jelled into my life that I end up talking about my being a mom too.

So I guess #s 2 and 3 in my list above have been ticked. My shoepergirl story would have to wait.

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