Monday, September 21, 2009

Wish Lust (part four)


No not the leather one, but warm enough for the cool office weather. Would love to have it in black, but the silky sheen fabric in champagne color is absolutely heavenly!

Great for pairing with strapless summer dresses to toughen up the look, or with plain tees and jeans, this one I need before the holidays!

from shoevagirl's closet: melon colored biker jacket, thrifted for Php100

the ultimate 80s remake

acid wash is back!
i wouldn't mind wearing this updated 80s look if the dress is right

Break Up

in other news...
this song is just amazing!

Wish Lust (part three)


And any of these please!

Wish Lust (part two)


The key word is oversized. I've been searching for the perfect piece (perfect = cheap), something that fits well on the shoulder but totally drowns the rest of your body (such as the black one below - upper left corner); a great unexpected color would be a bonus  too (magenta colored double-breasted - lower right corner); or a very masculine one (such as the plaid piece at the bottom).


Must I explain further?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wish Lust (part one)

I'm coming up with this wish list in time for my birthday and Christmas and (fervently) hope someone from my family (friends welcome too!) gifts me with one of these....

For more than a month now I've been lusting for animal prints, and is surprised they are suddenly all over the place, most recently at the new york fashion week. 

i'm on the hunt (pun intended) for unexpected pieces, like these fabulous finds --

> my ultimate fave is the oversized cardigan in not too in-your-face-leopard-print. genius! 
> the zebra tube dress is just so delicious! the splash of color gives it a great twist.
> the silky slinky tank top is perfect for under a more subdued work outfit, or hide it under a bomber jacket and pair with skinny jeans - voila! you've got yourself a "subtle seductress" look.
> georgia jagger's sharp shoulder coat is to die for!
> the black&gray zebra coat is so understated-ly glam
> and the shoes... the shoes are simply a luxury to have (especially those christian louboutin booties)

from shoevagirl's closet: zebra print bag, Php199 from ebay

Sunday, September 13, 2009

favorite item#3

this pair is almost heaven sent. well, "online heaven" that is - ebay. there were no bidders and despite the description warned me of a few scratches here and there, i was deeply in love for it to have mattered. i was always like that with shoes. nothing can convince me otherwise. 

the tragedy always lies on not having it in your size. and in this case, the size read 7. but when i received it, they turned out to be size8 (didn't actually read the in-sole measurement which would have told me it was big for me). but with some scholl padding and additional reinforcement at the heel, my feet almost never left this pair.

loving the deep purple color, the 5" heels, and the almost costume-y look to it.

wearing very chunky purple platform heels from ebay, bid won for Php150