Sunday, November 29, 2009

my other shoe collection

i remember when i was a little girl, i wondered how come barbie's shoes looked all the same, only varying in color. for such a fashionista, she seemed not to pay attention to her shoes that much.

i guess that evolved and she ventured into more adventurous pairs.

i didn't get hooked then, and maybe for the same reason that the 1980s barbie had.

i started collecting these adorable mini pairs last year and i'm amazed at the details and how they come up with of-the-moment styles.

my current favorite and latest find are the pink gladiator heels. up close you'll see a bow on top that makes this pair ruggedly feminine. the blue t-strap pair is also stunning.

i wish i had pumps in these colors too.

i'm sure barbie is having the time of her life now, the way i am with my life-size collection.

mini shoe collection, now at 22 pairs
thanks to my T for the first 2 photos above

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

once-in-a-lifetime find

Christian Louboutin Leopard-Print Ankle Boots, $1,095 – Saks Fifth Avenue

Shoe Garden leopard boots, $12 - Chinatown, Sydney

tried it on as soon as i got to my hotel room!


ain't life grand?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back in singapore's arms

glad to be in the loving arms of orchard road once again!
after almost a year, i'm ecstatic to walk along its strip of gargantuan malls and pleased to see there's a very new one. 

Ion Orchard mall is enormous!

came across this Levi's exhibit at the Wysma where you get to trade in your old jeans and get a new Levi's pair for half the price. 

Look at their loot!

Jeans turned into denim butterfly

coming back next month. hope there's more time to shop this time.

Monday, November 23, 2009

through Gio's eyes

women say finding your own hair stylist is close to a eureka moment: it just does not happen often and when it does, you know it's a discovery of a lifetime.

and what could be better than finding someone who can immortalize you, in the most graceful way and surprisingly in angles you've never thought you looked good in. 

well i did. my photographer (he does not know but i'd like to think he's exclusively "mine") Gio will never fail to make you feel the most "fantastic", "gorgeous", "beautiful", "perfect" subject he has ever photographed.

my all time favorite; shot in Bohol island, sometime in 2006

i know this post will make my T jealous as he is a great photographer too =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

our paradise

i always wonder why still very few people outside our country have heard of the island of Boracay. or at least compared to Bali, Phuket, or other neighboring beaches. 

the 50minute (propeller) plane ride to Caticlan island + 20minute boat ride is all worth it.

this is Shangrila Resort, very pricey but perfect for honeymooning foreigners, it is pure heaven. your feet won't get wet at all, thanks to their private lounge that takes you direct to the island via their own speed boat.

but if you're a serious beach bum, you're better off at the more affordable resorts that give you beachfront access. maybe i haven't been to the other great beaches of the world, but i can tell you Boracay's sand is nothing you will ever touch. it is powder milk-soft. no exaggeration there.

Shangrila infinity pool

there are 16 treehouse villas (yes you can take it literally) complete with kitchen, living area, private pool, and even an outdoor shower area (um, why would you?). there i am in yellow, welcoming you to my house (i wish!)

Boracay sunset

with Bea and Pau, enjoying late night dinner at D'Mall; all very oily from our Chi Spa sessions

our dessert splurge

come out and check out our paradise

most photos above c/o Jed and Gio

Monday, November 16, 2009

shoe discovery

wow! check out this site for drool-worthy shoes!

photo above from my favorite ultimate shoe blogger

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

a confession. and my blue suede shoes.

i have a confession to make. i wasn't really being truthful with how many pairs i already own. let me rephrase that... i think i've been in denial... erase, erase.. i guess i've always been afraid of "the wrath of T" when he founds out how much i actually have.

so if you look at my ticker factory above and wonder how it's suddenly where it's at, this is why.

here's my 87th pair, bought from my now favorite shoe splurge shop in singapore, Rubi for only S$49 (an identical Steve Madden pair sells for S$240)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

shoe nursery

the anticipation and seemingly endless waiting. 
the restlessness as the days get nearer.
day finally comes and it's exactly how you pictured it!

i love the smell of a newly opened shoe box especially after waiting for it for more than 2 months! the slow unfolding of the paper tissue covering that lovely heeled pair. mmmm and the smell of leather (or faux for that matter). it's heavenly! 

my shoes finally arrived from chicago in a small balikbayan box! it practically hoarded more than a third of the space. 

look at my babies!

this sky high pewter pair is my favorite. wore them the next day to a press event (statement heels but tamed by the color, so found it to be the perfect thing to wear). i kinda teetered with it, a bit worried i might trip in front of the local news (haha! imagine) but i loved the height, i loved how everyone had to say something about it.

the second pair i wore were these camel cord cork wedges with black slim jeans, black velvet blazer and graphic tee, so it added just the right glamour. surprisingly it's quite comfortable.

this last pair i'm wearing tomorrow, with my plum pencil zippered skirt and white mock turtleneck top. i hope it doesn't rain (typhoon ramil go away). look is too summery, and style is too open to step on little puddles on the street!

so quite obviously, it was worth all the wait! now these little babies are in my (non-existent) shoe closet where they belong.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the evolution

on the contrary, i wasn't "born in heels".  in my earlier working years, i would wear sensible shoes with only an inch. the styles would be safe, squarish toes. a pair in solid black, another in chocolate brown. needless to say i owned perhaps 3 pairs at most. 

like in most things, i'm a late bloomer, my shoe addiction evolving slowly but surely (and oh the emphasis on SURELY). later on i graduated to pointy shoes, bolder colors, and taller pairs.

i continue to surprise myself, with shoe choices not going lower than 4inches, opting for the wilder gladiator styles, or the one with the most striking color. 

and if i would come up with my own mantra, i would say "show me your shoes, and ill tell you who you have become".

sign seen in a shoe shop at HarbourSide mall, Sydney

there i've said it

shoe shop in HarbourSide Mall, Sydney Australia

Saturday, October 10, 2009

architecture on my mind

about the same time i scout for how our dream home will look like, i also fell in love with these architectural-looking dresses, with interesting lines and curves that are surprisingly flattering.

you like?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wish Lust (part six)

CUT OUT detailed pieces, when are you finding your way to my closet?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

jumpsuit crazy

the jumpsuit trend has been around for quite some time, but we've never seen this many versions until now! check out the printed silky piece, and the green-suit-turned-into-romper!