Saturday, July 25, 2009

i wanna be a flappers girl

i nursed my fever, cough and cold last week with chick lit power. "twenties girl" is the much awaited new book from sophie kinsella. and, for us chicks who just want an entertaining un-thinking book, she definitely does not disappoint.

im not a vintage kind of girl, but i must admit i got intrigued by those drop waist dresses with fringe and tassles, beads and sequins, and intricate embroidery described in the book. i think i would have looked good as a vaudeville girl, complete with feathers on my head.

BUT i would be frustrated in these low, one-style mary-jane type of shoes.

so no, i think ill stay right in this millennium.

love at first sight

the moment i saw these, my heart beat faster, i couldn't sleep, i daydreamed about it. i just knew i needed them in my life!

after some failed attempts to ship it direct to my home, i had the nerve to ask my bride-to-be friend to lug it all the way from san francisco on her way home to manila for her wedding. mind you, i even had the gall to request that she does not throw the box away. if i were somebody else watching this unfold, i would have already raised my eyebrows. but, this is why i tell you it was true love! i had to tell myself it's not so bad, as soon as my size 7-feet are happily wearing them.

people ask, "where do you find these statement shoes"? i say, like an award-winning actress cradling the shoe in my arms, "i have supportive friends". (thanks to my sis anna!)

wearing gabriel cage gladiators by abaete for payless, USD33

Saturday, July 18, 2009

welcome to my dream closet

i've been dreaming up my walk-in closet for sometime now, but nothing came as close as the one shown here. i love how it's disguised as regular cabinets with side shelves to house books, knick knacks, and (that exaggeratedly small) tv.

but lo and behold, it opens to a whole new world! shining, shimmering, splendid!

it can even have some kind of partition between his and hers (don't worry, ill leave at least 30% closet space to T). im thinking that divider thing can even house my accessories -- belts, scarves, jewelry, and more!

not sure though if i should make everything wooden. must still fit the overall look of the master's bedroom, which we still don't have any plans for now.

and my shoes collection must have room to grow!

i hope it will fit the space that we have. however which way, i like this cabinet system and i really wish i can pull off something like this.

i didnt expect i would actually win. but i guess this "bnwt" (read: brand new with tag; it took some time for me to figure it out!) piece is now mine. or soon to be, as soon as i pay the seller via gcash.

but no, i dont plan to wear it with shorts (i wish i could). but i know it would look great with skinny jeans or some girly short dresses.

i have 2 active bids and hope i win them too -- kenneth cole electric blue topper/ long cardigan and marni oversized paint shirt. ill post them if i win.

when i told T i bidded and won in ebay, i was expecting a terrified look from him, as this for sure he knows will trigger a series of shopping sprees. on the contrary, he said "very good". which gives me license to shop some more right?

and now i wonder, why haven't i done this ebay thing earlier?

h&m beige blazer, bid won for Php1,265

shipping shopping

shoes and online shopping make for an explosive combination. this week, while nursing a fever, cough and now bad cold, ive rediscovered the wonderful worldwide web of shopping. i wasnt into it before because it always felt such a hassle but now there's a lot more local options and cheaper items (more of that in my next posts).

one recent purchase were 3 pairs from, all ordered by my very accomodating sister-in-law from the states. after about 3days of ordering them, they arrived in her home and she took this photo for me to drool over. when i made the order she made me promise "not to stumble" with the 5inch heels.

(l-r) GoJane Camel Strappy Shield Cork Heels, Michael Antonio Women's Belen Strappy White Sandal, Sassy Pewter Double Platform Peep Toe Stacked 5" Heel Shoe; all @ average price of $30

Friday, July 17, 2009

shoes and all my addictions

here's an attempt to document my fab finds. shoes in particular, which i have only seriously started collecting maybe for the last 3 years. not sure when the fascination started. unlike other women who would typically say they've walked in their mother's heels and watched her strut her new pair when they were little girls, i had no such memory. im sure i did at some point.

but here i am. and almost done with my self-imposed quarter shoe challenge (read: must not repeat a pair for one quarter, at least in the office; so technically that's 60 pairs give or take). its a ridiculous impractical idea esp when it affects my overall outfit for the day. but im simply curious up to when i can take this, and up to what count. on monday will be my 50th pair. in the shoe addiction world, that is simply nothing. but in the "regular world", i am considered a shoeholic.

what particularly piques my interest --
1) it has to look different.when gladiators were not yet the trend, i was already drooling for those high sandals look, in fact almost buying an authentic pair in an island in greece (i still regret that). before studded and silk shoes were taken from formal events to everyday use, i have already worn mine.
2) it has to be high. i never really measure how many inches, but very recently when i started wearing my older pairs (because of that challenge), i realized i dont feel the same way with 2inches. i learned i actually only wear at least 4. there's something to it that gives you that katherine hepburn all-female-power feeling. i read in one of my favorite irish chick lit authors (not verbatim), "i wear such high heels that when i step off it, people ask 'where'd she go?'". you could say that about me. in the very rare (as in world war occurence rareness) times i wore flats or sneakers in the office, it becomes a "mini newsfeed"
3) it has to be cheap. i love shoes, but i dont believe it should be a painful buy. ive never purchased a designer pair yet and i dont intend to start (i think im also scared it will trigger something!). but somehow the thrill lies in that discovery. finding those very delicious heels and knowing you wont feel guilty about it.

friends who know i love shoes often say im a carrie bradshaw with all her blahniks. i dont feel like carrie at all. im just shoevagirl with her parisians.

wearing matthews silk tan heels with big faux crystal, Php799 for 2 pairs