Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day shoes

I'm no artist but with the right inspiration I can create a decent sketch.

My last shoe shopping was super rushed and I had second thoughts with these black booties as they were not very easy to put on. The pink slingback is made of PVC/ hard type of garter so I thought maybe it's not such a practical purchase.

Several sleepless nights later, I found myself trying to rearrange my schedule so I'll have time go back for them. Even went to the same mall in Davao (southern part of the country) in between work engagements. After three failed attempts, I ended up in the same mall talking to the same saleslady. She already knew me (surprise surprise) and prepared 3 pairs of this same shoe to choose from (I check every stitching, leather scratches, etc).

Almost bought this brown lace up pair too --

-- and this

But obviously just very happy with this!

Black booties, SM department store, Php1,299.75

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


These were the sky high wedges I fell in love with in Zara. Somehow I knew the shoe-niverse had something grander in store for me. And I was totally right!

Perfectly called "Vixen" in "blush" color, I bought it in between school shoes shopping with the girls. Somehow (like almost every time), I got to sneak in a couple of minutes to run to the ladies' section. Lo and behold, the (current) love of my life, waiting for me on a corner shelf nobody usually notices. 

I love how the garter stretches at the side to make room for the feet to slide in. The solid heel which gives good support, no balancing act needed. The strap-happy design. And did I mention the color? The color is to die for! Makes me blush.

The new pairs sure are piling up. But I'm definitely wearing these this week!

Vixen caged heels in blush, Parisian Jr for Php1,299 (about USD29)