Monday, August 24, 2009

closet staple #2

a new favorite item! this week i was almost never without my long black unbranded-slash-korean cardigan. another one from ebay, this one's a real keeper!

black cardigan, about Php400

i made it!

ooh so thrilled! made it to chicismo today!

ebay zippered black dress

Sunday, August 23, 2009

my fashion muses

i'm such a late bloomer. only discovered these great girls recently, and now i cant go a day without checking out their style. 

these are just some of them, and im seeing so much more every time i surf through chicismo, chictopia and lookbook, my bookmarks cant take anymore!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

instant pick-me-up

last week was proof that looking good = feeling good. 

i knew that day would be tough, so i geared up for it the only way i knew how: wore my good old sequined black ankle strap heels, and my of-the-moment zippered dress. 

had 2nd thoughts of wearing it to the office as it's a bit too short, which actually was because i had to pull it down everytime i get up from my chair. but it's very slinky and hugged all the right curves (i have a lot of them). a plus with this piece: the zipper can go all the way up to the collar, so it kinda looks like a motorcycle jacket, not to mention shields me from the cold.

the studded belt that comes with the dress is so 80s, it's one of those love-it-or-hate-it. for me, it completed the look. but good to know i can also switch it with another statement belt.

learned afterwards that zippered dresses and long-sleeved mini dresses are all the rage right now. here's one retailing for USD595:

getting dressed up for an "execution" turned out to be the best thing i could have done that day (well at least instead of moping, over-analyzing, and being unproductive).

wearing zippered black long sleeves mini dress with studded belt (ebay) Php400, Heatwave black sequined ankle strap heels S$18, baby blue rosary bracelet (Bohol)

Monday, August 3, 2009

my online wardrobe

my most prized iPhone app discovery is the touchcloset. the moment i used it, i was hooked! i cannot live without it anymore.

for someone with very limited closet space, yet overflowing with clothes, shoes and all the in-between accessories, this was literally heaven sent. i saved photos of all the items i own (you can even add your wish list, or things borrowed), organized them the way i would if i had that walk in closet, sorted by colors and various categories.

imagine being able to come up with an outfit for tomorrow without literally having to open your cabinet! especially when like me, you have too much you already forget what you own.

another great use for me: when shopping for new shoes, i simply browse touchcloset to check whether i have a very similar pair (so the guilt wouldn't be too much!). i search through wedges, platforms, peep toes, flats, boots. you can even create your own category, add your own colors. and for an easy find, you can tag items and outfits as favorites so those "i-don't-have-anything-to-wear" moments are solved instantly!

ok, here's the catch. it's only available on iPhone. so if you have one, create your own online wardrobe now!

today's look

so, this is how i wore my first ebay purchase. definitely tagged this as a favorite outfit. laid back, fun, corporate-y, all rolled into one!
wearing h&m beige blazer (ebay), thrifted black swingy dress, folded&hung cream woven garter belt, schu gold pointy low wedges; all for about Php2,000

these are a few of my favorite things

there are some things in my closet i can't let go of. no matter how worn they are, visibly damaged, even outdated at that time. they are a mixture of tops, pants, dresses and jackets, and yes shoes.
let me start with this dainty top. i got it from a friend who used to own a vintage shop filled with delicious finds, chiffon blouses, italian scarves, unique belts.

i must have worn this a thousand times. paired it with pencil skirts, slim jeans, or under a crisp suit. it never fails to lift my mood. by now, there's a slight rip where one of the drawstrings is, but i love it even more, knowing it's more fragile than it looks.

white chiffon lacey top, about Php300