Sunday, November 29, 2009

my other shoe collection

i remember when i was a little girl, i wondered how come barbie's shoes looked all the same, only varying in color. for such a fashionista, she seemed not to pay attention to her shoes that much.

i guess that evolved and she ventured into more adventurous pairs.

i didn't get hooked then, and maybe for the same reason that the 1980s barbie had.

i started collecting these adorable mini pairs last year and i'm amazed at the details and how they come up with of-the-moment styles.

my current favorite and latest find are the pink gladiator heels. up close you'll see a bow on top that makes this pair ruggedly feminine. the blue t-strap pair is also stunning.

i wish i had pumps in these colors too.

i'm sure barbie is having the time of her life now, the way i am with my life-size collection.

mini shoe collection, now at 22 pairs
thanks to my T for the first 2 photos above


  1. ohhh how cute these little honeys! love it. it made me smile... ;)
    oh by the way, my boss is not around, so i am also having the time of my life now. hahahaha!

  2. oh nice! :) my mother loves barbie's shoes.... I think she has 900 pairs of shoes and a lot of accesories too... :) I can send you some of the pictures if you want to :D