Sunday, February 28, 2010

my egyptian loot

perhaps as enthralled as i was with the great pyramid, the sphinx, the royal mummies and the enchanting egyptian culture, a peek at king tutankhamun's jewelry collection would have a "chapter" of its own in my travel journal. unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside the egyptian museum, and i had to rely on savoring that moment as i stared at the incredible pieces. 

there were about 5 or 6 glass showcase tables displaying what they have found on the youngest and arguably one of the most controversial pharaohs in egypt. the intricate design, the stones used, the grandeur of each piece left me breathless. i was awed, i swear you could almost see me drool. from earrings to collar necklaces, even a mummy belt to hold the bandages together! 

it wasn't just the gold or how priceless these items are. what i can't get over most is how they appeal to me as strongly now as it may had to their people during their time. how they appear so current, i can imagine reading them in a "must have list" on vogue today. 

disappointing as it is, i can't seem to find images of the other extravagant pieces. i did find one, and an appropriate one at that. tut's collar --

i couldn't help it. i just had to have my own! 

look at the detail!

when i wore this at work, people keep commenting about my "cleopatra" look. yet they're clueless it was king tut himself who inspired this piece!

my other fab finds (some given to friends, most kept for myself) --

necklaces, rings, cuff, all from Khan el-Khalili market

necklace, bangle, from Sheraton Luxor

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