Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thrifting on a Saturday morning

It's been a while since the last time I've gone to a garage sale. I forgot what this posh village can potentially offer a thrifter like me, with jetsetter homeowners or wives of expats who may have grown out of their designer clothes. Or that stay-at-home mom who is just as shopaholic as me but has much deeper pockets and regularly weeds out out-of-season clothes.

Yesterday I got dragged by my sister-in-law to this quaint Italian style house. From the outside it looked like any yard sale with old clothes strewn all over, I thought this would be a quick stop. But boy was I glad I let myself get dragged! Racks of designer clothes greeted my eager sifting hands. It was just a matter of grabbing the right one before somebody else did.

We were lucky because there weren't many people. The best items usually don't last until lunch time. There was a lady however, that almost sabotaged a fab find I had in my hands. She was insisting there was a burnt part on the dress despite I can't see a thing. Only to find out she was waiting for me to let it go. She was literally eyeing the clothes I tried on, then whispering to the girl selling to grab it as soon as I drop it. That actually enhanced my shopping experience, knowing there was somebody else desiring my finds and that they can never have it (insert evil laughter here).

Check out this ultra beaded denim Versace dress. Bought for £6,450, now selling for Php60,000 (um, still won't buy it). Worn once by a model for a shoot.

And the shoes! It's tragic her size was a 6, otherwise this Cole Haan patent pumps retailing for Php18,000 would have been mine for only Php3,000. The soles were clearly used but was in tip-top condition you'll never know it was second hand.

Aldo gladiator pair selling for Php800.

I hope to post my finds next time when I'm wearing them, but you won't know they came from this shopping spree. Most were used once, with one still brand new: off white boyfriend blazer, destructured black wide collar jacket, navy blue knit long cardigan, very form fitting jersey shirtdress, and turquoise shift dress.

Must do this again soon!

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