Monday, August 3, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

there are some things in my closet i can't let go of. no matter how worn they are, visibly damaged, even outdated at that time. they are a mixture of tops, pants, dresses and jackets, and yes shoes.
let me start with this dainty top. i got it from a friend who used to own a vintage shop filled with delicious finds, chiffon blouses, italian scarves, unique belts.

i must have worn this a thousand times. paired it with pencil skirts, slim jeans, or under a crisp suit. it never fails to lift my mood. by now, there's a slight rip where one of the drawstrings is, but i love it even more, knowing it's more fragile than it looks.

white chiffon lacey top, about Php300

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