Sunday, August 9, 2009

instant pick-me-up

last week was proof that looking good = feeling good. 

i knew that day would be tough, so i geared up for it the only way i knew how: wore my good old sequined black ankle strap heels, and my of-the-moment zippered dress. 

had 2nd thoughts of wearing it to the office as it's a bit too short, which actually was because i had to pull it down everytime i get up from my chair. but it's very slinky and hugged all the right curves (i have a lot of them). a plus with this piece: the zipper can go all the way up to the collar, so it kinda looks like a motorcycle jacket, not to mention shields me from the cold.

the studded belt that comes with the dress is so 80s, it's one of those love-it-or-hate-it. for me, it completed the look. but good to know i can also switch it with another statement belt.

learned afterwards that zippered dresses and long-sleeved mini dresses are all the rage right now. here's one retailing for USD595:

getting dressed up for an "execution" turned out to be the best thing i could have done that day (well at least instead of moping, over-analyzing, and being unproductive).

wearing zippered black long sleeves mini dress with studded belt (ebay) Php400, Heatwave black sequined ankle strap heels S$18, baby blue rosary bracelet (Bohol)

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