Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the evolution

on the contrary, i wasn't "born in heels".  in my earlier working years, i would wear sensible shoes with only an inch. the styles would be safe, squarish toes. a pair in solid black, another in chocolate brown. needless to say i owned perhaps 3 pairs at most. 

like in most things, i'm a late bloomer, my shoe addiction evolving slowly but surely (and oh the emphasis on SURELY). later on i graduated to pointy shoes, bolder colors, and taller pairs.

i continue to surprise myself, with shoe choices not going lower than 4inches, opting for the wilder gladiator styles, or the one with the most striking color. 

and if i would come up with my own mantra, i would say "show me your shoes, and ill tell you who you have become".

sign seen in a shoe shop at HarbourSide mall, Sydney

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