Wednesday, October 21, 2009

shoe nursery

the anticipation and seemingly endless waiting. 
the restlessness as the days get nearer.
day finally comes and it's exactly how you pictured it!

i love the smell of a newly opened shoe box especially after waiting for it for more than 2 months! the slow unfolding of the paper tissue covering that lovely heeled pair. mmmm and the smell of leather (or faux for that matter). it's heavenly! 

my shoes finally arrived from chicago in a small balikbayan box! it practically hoarded more than a third of the space. 

look at my babies!

this sky high pewter pair is my favorite. wore them the next day to a press event (statement heels but tamed by the color, so found it to be the perfect thing to wear). i kinda teetered with it, a bit worried i might trip in front of the local news (haha! imagine) but i loved the height, i loved how everyone had to say something about it.

the second pair i wore were these camel cord cork wedges with black slim jeans, black velvet blazer and graphic tee, so it added just the right glamour. surprisingly it's quite comfortable.

this last pair i'm wearing tomorrow, with my plum pencil zippered skirt and white mock turtleneck top. i hope it doesn't rain (typhoon ramil go away). look is too summery, and style is too open to step on little puddles on the street!

so quite obviously, it was worth all the wait! now these little babies are in my (non-existent) shoe closet where they belong.


  1. The silver ones are killer!!