Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bangkal treasures

The places I'm willing to go for thrift finds! 
This one I've heard of in the past but really never bothered to check out. One "domestically busy" (i.e. motherly errands such as doctor checkups) Saturday, I chanced upon a feature on the newspaper on bargain hunts. One was in Makati, the commercial business district in the Phils, and the article said if you're lucky, you may even find designer's handbags and shoes! Obviously, the latter part made me drive all the way to Bangkal.

I should have expected it won't be a "stroll in the park". It was literally rows of residential streets selling all kinds of wares - from furnitures to trinkets, to used books. Think yard sale but this one's open forever. 

Here are some interesting stuff I found, but didn't buy.

Japanese scary mask (ceramic)

antique brooches, earrings, necklaces, all in good condition

whatever you can think of is here!

my K had a grand time book-shopping

I did snag a few items - an orange velvet vintage thick belt, navy blue chain belt, antique clip on earrings, and this adorable mini doctor's bag. the zipper inside is just screaming at me to buy it!

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