Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parisian chic

They say Paris is the ultimate fashion haven. I've never been there, but I think I may have had a taste of it with a shoe brand called Parisian.

The mall that started it all is aptly named ShoeMart, for short "SM", which is widely and wildly popular in this side of my world for great bargains and complete selection. It did start as a shoe shop and later on grew to the most successful retailer in the country, carrying all things you can think of. Their slogan "we've got it all for you" captures it perfectly.

I remember years back, this brand was merely associated with affordable, sensible shoes. In fact no fashionista in the past decade would have dreamed of wearing one. But look at how it has evolved! It boasts of fashion-forward designs, some "inspired" but a lot are original and I am constantly awed by their creativity and craftmanship. Most of all, how do they manage to do all that and price it at $15-40!

Their current showcase comes from the Philippine Fashion Week and I might have gone back for it about four times now as I find myself craving for a pair I left behind. I might end up buying everything here.

my favorite design from this collection, but not as comfortable as the rest 

i'm still tempted to go back for these, though not very practical in this weather

 trying them out, i'm obviously panicking

 the shop literally turned off their lights as my friend and i finalized our selection

i was very torn: the white or the beige?...

...went for the beige and no regrets! i can wear it with virtually anything in my closet

trying on more styles...

Here are some other Parisian shoes in my closet:

Grey-blue victorian lace up cut out heels 

 studded black gladiators

back-studded grey suede booties

 strappy heels in delicious blue
 black booties with hot pink back detail

Vixen super strappy booties in blush color

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