Sunday, July 25, 2010

Worth the wait!

Every shoe lover knows how opening a shoe box for the first time is almost as good as its first outing. The moment your palms touch that top of the box, then the anticipated rummaging through paper tissues, then a sneak peek of those tall heels. It's like seeing twin babies facing each other, waiting to be cared for.

Today was no exception. Imagine opening three! What a grand time I had, especially after waiting for them for two whole months! The agony!... and now the reward!

Michael Antonio snakeskin 5.5in heels

Forever21 Victorian shoes

Forever21 mesh sexy heels

The Michael Antonios were the first pair I wore. Verdict: it's one of the most uncomfortable pairs I own! Now don't get me wrong. I may not end up using them often, but I'm sure happy just staring at them!

The next ones were the brown side-buttoned booties. Amazing! Paired it with cropped trousers and soft Chinese silk vintage top. Fit was perfect!

Saved the best for last - the black mesh heels are absolute heaven! Looks so seductive, I wore it to a PR event with a tamed business suit.

Doing this online-shopping-through-relative-in-the-States is pure torture. But it was definitely worth the wait!

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  1. Hi, I love the blue ones!!!! Do you remember the name of its style? I would really love to find a pair but without the name, the search will be hard. Thanks