Saturday, July 25, 2009

love at first sight

the moment i saw these, my heart beat faster, i couldn't sleep, i daydreamed about it. i just knew i needed them in my life!

after some failed attempts to ship it direct to my home, i had the nerve to ask my bride-to-be friend to lug it all the way from san francisco on her way home to manila for her wedding. mind you, i even had the gall to request that she does not throw the box away. if i were somebody else watching this unfold, i would have already raised my eyebrows. but, this is why i tell you it was true love! i had to tell myself it's not so bad, as soon as my size 7-feet are happily wearing them.

people ask, "where do you find these statement shoes"? i say, like an award-winning actress cradling the shoe in my arms, "i have supportive friends". (thanks to my sis anna!)

wearing gabriel cage gladiators by abaete for payless, USD33


  1. i love it - the fab gladiators, the story reaching out for it, your pic simulating the cover above, everthing!

    this must be on your top 5 favorites right? It deserves to be.

    Please consider giving in to my request of .....posting your top picks!!! xoxo

  2. oooh! i think i just might! glad you liked this post =)