Friday, July 17, 2009

shoes and all my addictions

here's an attempt to document my fab finds. shoes in particular, which i have only seriously started collecting maybe for the last 3 years. not sure when the fascination started. unlike other women who would typically say they've walked in their mother's heels and watched her strut her new pair when they were little girls, i had no such memory. im sure i did at some point.

but here i am. and almost done with my self-imposed quarter shoe challenge (read: must not repeat a pair for one quarter, at least in the office; so technically that's 60 pairs give or take). its a ridiculous impractical idea esp when it affects my overall outfit for the day. but im simply curious up to when i can take this, and up to what count. on monday will be my 50th pair. in the shoe addiction world, that is simply nothing. but in the "regular world", i am considered a shoeholic.

what particularly piques my interest --
1) it has to look different.when gladiators were not yet the trend, i was already drooling for those high sandals look, in fact almost buying an authentic pair in an island in greece (i still regret that). before studded and silk shoes were taken from formal events to everyday use, i have already worn mine.
2) it has to be high. i never really measure how many inches, but very recently when i started wearing my older pairs (because of that challenge), i realized i dont feel the same way with 2inches. i learned i actually only wear at least 4. there's something to it that gives you that katherine hepburn all-female-power feeling. i read in one of my favorite irish chick lit authors (not verbatim), "i wear such high heels that when i step off it, people ask 'where'd she go?'". you could say that about me. in the very rare (as in world war occurence rareness) times i wore flats or sneakers in the office, it becomes a "mini newsfeed"
3) it has to be cheap. i love shoes, but i dont believe it should be a painful buy. ive never purchased a designer pair yet and i dont intend to start (i think im also scared it will trigger something!). but somehow the thrill lies in that discovery. finding those very delicious heels and knowing you wont feel guilty about it.

friends who know i love shoes often say im a carrie bradshaw with all her blahniks. i dont feel like carrie at all. im just shoevagirl with her parisians.

wearing matthews silk tan heels with big faux crystal, Php799 for 2 pairs

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  1. but you are a carrie to me!!!!