Saturday, July 18, 2009

welcome to my dream closet

i've been dreaming up my walk-in closet for sometime now, but nothing came as close as the one shown here. i love how it's disguised as regular cabinets with side shelves to house books, knick knacks, and (that exaggeratedly small) tv.

but lo and behold, it opens to a whole new world! shining, shimmering, splendid!

it can even have some kind of partition between his and hers (don't worry, ill leave at least 30% closet space to T). im thinking that divider thing can even house my accessories -- belts, scarves, jewelry, and more!

not sure though if i should make everything wooden. must still fit the overall look of the master's bedroom, which we still don't have any plans for now.

and my shoes collection must have room to grow!

i hope it will fit the space that we have. however which way, i like this cabinet system and i really wish i can pull off something like this.


  1. i love your blog! it's like you but a hyper-real you. loving shoevagirl!

  2. im glad to know this resulted to 2 new pairs for you =)

  3. now, i share the same dream as yours! Make sure not to use the same kind of hangers as in the picture. else, you would still not have enough space for 'em all. ;p